Bankruptcy Venue Reform Workroom
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The CLLA supports Bankruptcy Venue Reform because it constructively attempts to rebalance the interests of all parties in bankruptcy by making sure that the bankruptcy reorganization process remains within the regions and communities that have the most significant vested interest in the outcome. To learn more about the CLLA's position on this issue, please read our Position Papers.  The CLLA publishes an annual Position Paper, or White Paper, on the issue of Venue Reform.  These papers are then used as a platform for our members when they attend our annual Hill Day in Washington DC.  This event provides the opportunity for the League to present its position on Venue and other issues to the legislators and other leaders in Washington.  To get involved or for more information on Hill Day, Venue Reform, or other League activities, please contact us.

The White Papers

CLLA Venue Reform Position Paper_2016
CLLA Venue Reform Position Paper_2015
CLLA Venue Reform Position Paper_2014

The Data

Delaware Cases (2004-2014)
SDNY Cases (2004-2014)




Economic Impact Template

This paper shows the economic impact of venue issue on California. 
Click to Download
and use as a template for your state. 

Bankruptcy Venue Reform Primer & Sources

Click here to view the 2015 Bankruptcy Venue reform article and related resources. 


Need More Information or have Questions?

Please, contact Peter Califano at


Additional Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CLLA 2015 Venue Crisis White Paper.pdf PDF (193.8 KB) Administration 5/18/2016
CLLA_Written_Statement.pdf PDF (124.92 KB) Administration 5/18/2016
Venue Fairness Paper_Rosner.pdf PDF (1.23 MB) Administration 5/18/2016
ILC_Venue_White_Paper.pdf PDF (467.43 KB) Administration 5/18/2016
Case for Venue Reform_Reich.pdf PDF (2.75 MB) Administration 5/18/2016
HR_2533_Hearing_PDF.pdf PDF (991.36 KB) Administration 5/18/2016
CLLA Comment 7/23/13 Sequestering Hearing PDF (63.8 KB) Administration 5/18/2016
Businessweek Article_2-10-12.pdf PDF (204.62 KB) Administration 5/18/2016
Berkeley Resolution.pdf PDF (275.71 KB) Administration 5/18/2016
GAO Report to the Chairman.pdf PDF (3.17 MB) Administration 5/18/2016
NABT_Article_Spring 2012.pdf PDF (712.22 KB) Administration 5/18/2016


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