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Phone Companies Pressured by States to Stop Robocalls

Sharon Edmondson, Washington Legislative Team Member | July 27, 2015

A coalition of 45 state attorneys general sent a letter to major telephone carriers urging the phone companies to put in place technology that would allow consumers to block so-called robocalls.

Companies earlier hesitated to implement a fix over concerns that it might violate federal law, but the Federal Communications Commission made it clear there are “no legal barriers” to such a move.

A bill introduced in June by Sen. McCaskill (D-Mo), S. 1540, would increase the fines on illegal telemarketers, such as so-called spoofers purporting to be from the IRS or a person’s bank. Officials from the US Telecom Association, phone carrier’s trade group, said the industry is “fully on board” with the request from state officials and that it shares their concerns.

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