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New Scam Involving Canadian Contact Reported By CLLA Member

Staff, Staff | February 20, 2012

A CLLA member has informed us of a new e-mail scam involving a debtor named Eric Madison or Eric Madison Muller and Gary Hossa from Canada.

Via e-mail, Hossa has contacted firms about a $288,000.00 debt, saying $80,000 has already been paid. The address listed at the bottom of the e-mail our member received was 115 George St., Oakville, ONL6J 3B8, with a 289-888-1869 phone number. E-mail addresses that other agencies have reported the scammer may be using include or

The e-mail and debt appears to be more legitimate than many scams; in some cases, firms report exchanging several e-mails with the individual and the debtor. The e-mails are well-written and do not, at first glance, appear to be indicative of a scam.

However, a Google search will turn up several reports of this case being a scam. According to the South Carolina Bar, after Hossa sends documents, a retained will likely be forwarded--but will also likely have insufficient funds. Because the trust account banking information may be returned on the back of the negotiated retainer check, the scammer could potentially try to raid the trust account.

For more information on individuals and firms who have been contacted by the alleged scammer, click here.

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